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Your friend recently hand-selected your business as one that could benefit from a superior Workplace Emergency Preparedness program. Thank you for considering us.


Simply complete the form and one of our dedicated experts will reach out to help you find solutions that will revolutionize your existing first aid program.


Required for Business of All Sizes


At Redicare, we deliver simple, effective and affordable workplace emergency preparedness programs to help businesses, large and small, reach new levels of efficiency, both with maintaining their equipment and in the event of an emergency. We’ll help your staff become aware, or if you already have a program, guarantee efficiency improvements.

Switching to Redicare means you’ll get:

  • Seamless switching - we install all of our products for no upfront cost.
  • No long-term contracts - no risk to start, cancel anytime.
  • Exclusive Cabinet Design - makes the treatment of an injured person much simpler, guaranteed.  No more searching the kit in the event of an emergency.
  • 100% compliance, guaranteed - we make sure you're up to the latest requirements
  • Time - when time is factored in, the cost for properly self-filling is costly, and at times things slip through the cracks.
  • One low, flat-rate, all-inclusive monthly charge! No billing spikes.
Just complete your friend's referral to find out more about why thousands of customers in the Greater New York Metro area use Redicare!
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